About VeraVault, Inc

Software features and usability are only part of what makes VeraVault stand out. VeraVault has built its reputation on providing world class customer service and technical support. At VeraVault, we understand how important each customer's data is, and that understanding influences everything that we do. We do not view backing up as just another computer application or software product. We view backing up as insuring the valuable assets of a business or an individual, whether it be a medical office's client records or a family's irreplaceable digital pictures. VeraVault's online backup service truly is insurance for your data.

  Expert Staff

To qualify as data recovery experts, the staff members at VeraVault have to undergo rigorous training and testing across all of our backup software products and services. We have the experience, products, and expertise to advise virtually any company on best practices across a range of data backup and restore topics. Our team is devoted to providing you with a service that will secure your future. The VeraVault team is dedicated to sharing their immense knowledge and providing a backup and recovery solution that will meet your needs.